IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services

Our specific work

Integrated and comprehensive IT consulting services allow you to align your company with technology-based management. We have extensive IT consulting services in your business activities, such as strategic IT best practices and IT governance.

Sentra Advis Solusindo Consulting provides IT governance services that cover plans, principles, policies, standards, regulations, procedures and other technical documents that enable your IT organization to properly plan / organize, acquire / develop, operate / manage and monitor / assess IT-related work. Our consulting services are based on best practices, generally accepted frameworks, industry-specific requirements and distinctive features of your business to deliver the best results for your business.

Our consulting services have been categorized into three categories:

  • IT Strategy/IT Planning Consulting Services

We provide your company with plans and guidance on the planning / organization aspect to support the achievement of business objectives and/or IT objectives. Plans are usually developed over a five-year period.

The services in this category are Enterprise Architecture Development based on TOGAF (Open Group Architecture Framework) ; IT Master Plan Development covering not only Enterprise Architecture but also IT Governance Assessment, IT Service Management Assessment, IT Organization Assessment and IT Program Plan ; IT Governance Capacity Development provides your company with the IT Principles,IT Governance Policy and Standards and IT Governance Implementation Roadmap.

  • IT Project Management Consulting Services

We provide consulting services on the development / implementation / project aspect to enable your business to acquire and implement software / application correctly and in an appropriate way, IT Project Management.

Development of IT Requirements (TOR / RFP) services in this category ; IT Procurement Assistance ; Independent Verification and Validation (IVV) Monitoring and Ensuring Adequate Application / Software Implementation Services ; IT Risk Management Project. In order to obtain and optimally implement the application / software, we generally suggest Integrated Application Acquisition and Implementation Supervision Services, which includes all four of the above mentioned services.

We also provide the IT Program Management Office (PMO), IT Project Management Outsourcing and Outsourcing to the Project Manager with set-up and operational assistance. Another distinctive service in this category is IT Valuation Development, which provides your business with methodology and templates for carrying out a feasibility study of an IT investment / IT project and for tracking performance benefits.

  • IT Operations Consulting Services

IT operational aspects deal with day-to-day IT operations, require policies and guidance to enable business users to deliver IT services properly ; therefore, we provide IT Service Management (ITSM) capability development to deliver ITSM policies and standards, ITSM procedures and ITSM implementation roadmaps to your company ; Data Center / Disaster Recovery Center (DC / DRC) Evaluation and Design ; Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Development and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Development that allows your business to properly manage IT and business disruptions based on business criticality and priority..