PT4200 Analog Portable Radio

Model : PT4200

Large capacity Li-Poly battery allows PT4200 meets your need for long time communication. The radio features compact and elegant shape, easy carrying and crisp voice; is an ideal communication tool for users of security company, restaurant, club, fieldwork and construction.


1. multiple voice call modes

Support single call / group call / full call / broadcast call modes to meet the call needs of different application scenarios.

2. local voice recording, one-click playback

Support real-time save voice recording to local, storage capacity is 99, and support one-click playback or download voice recording through the dispatcher.

3. SMS Voice

Support to receive platform SMS, can directly voice broadcast SMS content.

4.Large-capacity batteries to meet long-time work requirements

Adopt 4000 mAh large capacity battery 5-5-90 call mode can last more than 20 hours,

5.WiFi/ Bluetooth Function

Built-in Bluetooth, WiFi function module, can support the expansion of other external devices, such as Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth handheld, etc.

6. programmable keys, easier to manipulate

There are three programmable keys designed to achieve different functions through software settings to meet more convenient control needs.

7. smart patrol

Support Bluetooth patrol, GPS patrol, NFC patrol function, through the Kirisun patrol system, can achieve the public network based patrol solution, to meet the needs of patrol management in a specific environment.

8. Senior Services

Support and dispatch command platform, can achieve remote control and scheduling management functions, such as remote halo, remote death, remote wake, electronic fence, track playback and other functions, increase management flexibility.