M50 4G PoC Mobile Radio

Model : M50

PoC is a service that provides push to talk communications via celluar network or Wi-Fi network. Users can make call without distance limits. Kirisun provides end to end PoC solution including portable radio, mobile radio, PoC platform and dispatch system. M50 mobile radio application scene: Logistics, Taxi, Transportation



· Wide coverage with carrier network

Extend your push to talk service to anywhere with carrier 2G/3G network coverage


· LED Display

Bring your convenient operation


· Build-in WIFI

Connection with Wi-Fi network to provide reliable communication with no data cost


· Build-in Bluetooth

Easy to access Bluetooth speaker to improve the efficiency


· GPS positioning

The build-in GPS supports outdoor positioning and dispatching.


· Software upgrade via OTA

Easy upgrade the new feature via web management platform


· Advanced signaling service

Support radio kill, radio stun, radio revive and radio monitor


· Easy installation and maintenance