DS5800 DMR Conventional System

Model : DS5800

DS5800 is a fully-featured dispatcher that works with a single or multi-site IP connect system, providing voice and data services for Kirisun DMR Tier 2 radios system. This dispatcher can monitor audio in real time as well as the position of the terminal radios. It also provides voice recording management and some remote control of radios like check status, monitor, kill and revive. With wide-area networking design, the software can be operated over Internet by multiple dispatchers located anywhere.



Voice Dispatch

In the control center, operators can send and receive private call,

group call and all call .

Emergency Alarm

When an emergency is activated by a subscriber radio, the Dispatch

System will trigger an alarm.


All call, group call and private text message can be sent between

dispatcher software and radio users.

Contact List Management and Quick Access

The contact list allows rapid access and management of portable

radios directly from the main interface. For contact list, you can

rapidly send stun, revive, kill, text message, private call and GPS polling.

Voice Recording

All the voice call communication will be recorded. All the recording

can be playback for reviewing the events that have taken place.

GPS Tracking

The real time location of users and vehicles with digital terminals that

have GPS can be updated in the dispatcher. The location update

interval time can be programmed in each radio by programming



The working regions for a predefined set of radios can be defined

regions on the map. Once the geofencing rule is infringed by any of

the predefined set of radios, a geofencing alarm will be activated in

the dispatch and a call alert will be sent to the subscriber unit.


It supports Google online map.

Location History and Route Playback

The map will save all location information for history location

checking and playback.

Wide-area Networking

DS5800 adopts IP-based and C/S Architecture. This architecture allows the

server, gateway and client dispatcher to deploy through the wide area network.

Dispatcher Intercom

Support direct communication between dispatcher consoles through Kirisun

dispatch system.

Phone Interconnect

DS5800 supports SIP standard protocol to integrate with standard IP-PBX to

achieve voice interconnection between DMR radios and PSTN public phone

network. This feature allows a dispatcher to make and receive telephone calls

through the dispatcher console.