Docking Station

Model : ZCS-KRSD1

The body worn camera docking station provides an all-in-one video evidence management solution.



Docking Station:

· Providing data management and storage server
· Auto data transferring when body worn camera is connected
· Securely manage all videos, photos and audio files

· Continuing with data transferring after interruption
· Support multiple body worn cameras charging and data transferring
· Search and playback evidence with different criteria
· Assigning body worn camera to one user or multi-users

· Automatic data collection

· Hierarchical management and authorization

· Automatic charging of the camera

· Continuing data transferring if interrupt

· Support parameter setting function

· Data retrieval function, which can be classified, stored and retrieved in more fields such as law enforcement equipment number, time, and user information

· System management software supports the functions of querying, retrieving, deleting, downloading, etc. of files uploaded by law enforcement instruments

· Good system compatibility

Evidence Management System:

· Search the evidence file for video,photo and audio
· User permission and group access
· Remote review evidence online

· Case evidence management

· Full audit of every action

· Detailed overview and reporting